3 kantoorgebouwen
Hoorn, NL
5620m2 BVO

schetsontwerp 2000
€ 5.11 milj.
Steenhart Onroerend Goed bv

How can 32 independent units benefit simultaneously from the mass of each others presence, and yet maintain an individual identity.
From a distance an ensemble of three buildings can be perceived. From a closer point of view it appears that the buildings form one spatial structure. Although outdoor space is incorporated in the buildings the spatial intertwining precludes a disconnection of the three volumes: geometry of the volumes, the shape of the windows and the treatment of the façade are connecting the volumes.
The outdoor-space-cuts present an adverse view: Collectivism explodes under the influence of individuality. The rigidity of the outer façades is still recognizable in the courtyards but is turned into randomness. Uniformity and diversity are interchangeable inside one system. Both are equally important.