8 appartmenten
San Juan, Puerto Rico, VS
€ 0.82 milj.
Colonial Remodeling & Development Inc. Corporation

In a society in which fact and fiction are interchangeable, and the struggle to create a status is the way of life, eight apartments in close proximity had to be designed. The site, however, does not offer the possibility to perform cosmetic tricks. The proportion of façade area to floor area is small. The status which is normally projected outwardly can only be directed inward. In which way can each apartment acquire a sense of uniqueness and self-expression whilst the density (of occupants) is high?
To this end large patio's have been introduced, splitting the apartment in two parts. In this way the apartment-separating walls have obtained the status of façade. The new inside-border which is introduced by the patio controls the amount of openness and lightness in the apartment. Thus the apartment consists of a powerful mix of extremely private and semi-public spaces. The position of the border between inside and outside, even what is inside and outside, can de manipulated by the occupant.